About us

SkyGear s.r.o.

This company was established as a response to the lack of availability of spare parts for paramotors of various brands in Central Europe.

For any other sport today there are dozens of e-shops where customers can find the specific spare part they need very easily and quickly. Usually including a description of the part and its aftermarket alternatives.

Paramotors have been the exception until now, in 2023. If you want a part, you have to deal with the phone or in person with the dealer for your region, just like they did in the last millennium.

But the customer today has no need to talk to someone, go to someone, wait, etc. 

Most of the time you want to find the part or device you need, know when it will be delivered and simply pay for it.

And that's what SkyGear offers.

  • All in stock, or exact and short delivery time known in advance
  • Detailed descriptions of all parts and products
  • Easy search 
  • Fast communication

We hope that you will like our e-shop and will contact us with all your requests for paramotors and accessories.

We communicate in Czech and English both by email and phone.